Leadership and Talent Development in Cyprus

The need for executive, middle management and skilled workers to build the Cyprus energy industry is becoming clearer and will spin off other service industries such as transport & shipping, construction, electrical and civil engineering, and hospitality. Needs for skills in these industries in this area are likely to quickly outstrip local supply.

“Cyprus has Talent – let’s use it”

Whilst it is good to see how quickly the Cyprus educational establishment has grasped the need for energy related degree courses, it will take a finite time for the professional development of these indigenous skills. We believe that in the short term there will be a requirement to source technical and managerial skills from the international human capital skill pool. However, in the current market place these skills are an increasingly sought after resource.

The challenge of finding and developing suitable resources is a challenge for which Castor & Partners is well equipped to succeed, given their partners long experience in sourcing and developing appropriate talent for clients in the global energy market.

Members of our team have spent many years working at executive level in the upstream sector of major international oil companies and thus are able to empathize and identify with the challenges associated with the formation of a National Energy Company (NOC). Our understanding is based on Castor & Partners experience in supporting NOC’s in Indonesia, Nigeria, Qatar, Oman and Malaysia in hiring and developing key staff positions. Furthermore, we have access to Executive Coaches who are able to assist existing leaders in developing their leadership capacity.

We can’t wait to see Cypriots leading a Cypriot based National Oil Company, and we look forward to playing our part in developing the indigenous talent pool to ensure that Cypriots are in control of the Nation’s wealth.

The recent find of gas deposits in the Levant basin represent a huge opportunity for Cyprus and by way of comparison we could consider Qatar. The discovery of the North Dome Gas Field in the early ‘70’s has enabled unimaginable economic development and prosperity. The population of Qatar is predicted to grow from 800,000 to 2.4m in the forthcoming 20 years, driven by incoming expatriate workers required for the expanding economy. The similarly sized island of Cyprus will experience such economic development with effective and professional leadership combined with the prerequisite technical and managerial skills – provided they are made available. Castor & Partners wish to make a significant contribution in this area and also enable the transfer of knowledge gained, when their members worked in Qatar during its time of growth. We are keen to ensure that this experience and learning is available to the Cypriot community. Key services delivered by Castor & Partners are:

  • Leadership Consulting & Coaching
  • Executive Search & Interim Management
  • Change Management
  • Oil and Gas Consultancy

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